- about me-
My name is Shaun Goeppinger. I have been working in the fields of web design and 3D game construction for the last 8 years. After graduating with First Class Honours from Teeside University (Computer Games Art), I began working on a freelance basis providing high quality websites. It wasn't long before I was able to add a number of prestigious clients to my growing project list, including projects for Polé International De La Préhistorie (France).

I am highy proficient in a number of programing and coding skills and techniques, including but not limited to: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, C++, 3DS Max, Terragen, UnrealScript, Unreal Engine 2 and, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator.

When not working I greatly enjoy sketching and art, reading and looking after my three legged hamster "Hammy". I'm currently living in Sheffield, UK after spending time in the US, Chile, Spain and Germany.

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- portfolio -
up north down south website design
Upnorthdownsouth.co.uk is a modern, user-friendly LGBT bar, club & event directory site with over 400 listed venues. The client requested that this site include drop down navigation menus and a custom postcode search feature. The user experience was further improved by the inclusion of a search bar, forum and form submission feature.
unreal iniquitous website design
A site focused around Unreal Tournament 2004, it is designed in order to provide gamers with a place to download new maps, monsters and mutators for the game as well as programming tutorials for UnrealScript. A Shoutbox was a popular feature on this site but has since been developed into a chat room where people that share the same interests can talk and help each other. The site features a dynamic navigation bar.
dj samuel luke website design
A website for Bouncy Electro House by DJ Samuel Luke. The site features a custom audio player and a funky layout. This site is still under construction.
cardenas photography website design
This website was primarily constructed to showcase photographs taken by professional photographer Renée Cardenas. Presenting visitors with a modern and clean layout, the site is un-obtrusive and easy to navigate. It features a slide show on the homepage and a main gallery page where visitors can easily browse the many photos. A preview of the site is available to navigate here.
queer saunas website design
A gay sauna directory site. Queers Saunas features a trendy and modern design which is attractive to the target audience. A search bar and unique navigation bar assist in building a strong brand identity. Other features include forms for submitting reviews and new saunas.
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